Head’s Remarks

On behalf of the Trustees,
the staff, the pupils and myself, it gives me great pleasure, as Headmaster, to
welcome you to the Lendy Park School website. 

Lendy Park School is a Christian school at the heart of its community. The ethos and image of the school is based on the absolute conviction that ‘Every Lendy Park School Child Matters’. We pride ourselves on promoting Christian values and creating a productive environment for both staff and pupils to reach their potential and thrive in a supportive environment. We believe that every member of staff contributes towards our values, common goals, and works as part of a dedicated team to support all pupils, staff, and parents.

A dedicated
part of my day is spent in lessons and speaking to the pupils at break and
lunch. I have been so touched by the confidence that they have shown in
articulating how they feel about their school, the positives and areas of
development. It has been a pleasure to see how focused they are in lessons and
the emphasis they are placing on the quality of their written work.

This is an exciting time for Lendy Park School as we move forward on our journey to creating the best education in the world. I feel privileged to lead a team of professional, talented, and committed staff who provide well-planned and well-organized lessons and activities.  A wide range of curriculum enrichment activities are provided to enhance children’s learning.  We have a supportive and hard-working group of trustees who are highly skilled in different areas.  Trustees and staff work together to provide our children with the very best learning opportunities.  We encourage our pupils to be responsible for their learning, to grow in confidence, and become independent. 

As always, this academic year we
will again be continuing to promote and maintain the highest standards in all
school areas and we ask all within our school community to join us in this aim.
Please help us to achieve and maintain the highest standards at our school by:

Supporting your child’s learning through working with staff; attending parents’ evenings and meetings and supporting your child with their classwork and homework so that they succeed and achieve their best

Ensuring your child proudly wears the correct uniform in the school including sportswear.

Promoting excellent timekeeping habits and attendance
at all school functions.

Insisting your child displays excellent behavior, manners, conduct and shows respect and kindness towards others at all times.

Encouraging your child to take personal responsibility for their work, learning, possessions, and actions.


Mr. L Mudiwa